Heather Paul PictureHeather Paul
Executive Director,
Teen Action and Support Center


Ever since I joined the Teen Action and Support Center, I have known nothing apart from being supported by the United Way of Northwest Arkansas.  I struggle to imagine what it would be like for my organization to not have our strong partnership.  We receive funding for our largest program, “In Service,” and diapers through the United Way Diaper Bank for our “First Steps” teen moms.  It’s an incredible burden lifted to have some of these expenses paid for.  We’re able to help more teens each year because the United Way has already established connections to resources that many of us can use for our clients.  But aside from the financial aspect, the United Way of NWA provides the encouragement we need to keep going.  We are all friends, working together for the common good of our community.  The staff, the board and the volunteers understand our purpose.  They believe in what we do.  They advocate for us.  They connect us to other organizations striving for similar goals.  They keep us accountable.  They motivate us to always do our best.  That’s why I do and always hope to say, “I am United Way.”