Inspiring Us This Week: The Salvation Army of Northwest AR

The Salvation Army is focused on “doing the most good” in our community. The team at the Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas is dedicated to helping people who want and are willing to change their life for the better. The organization works to empower people to build their lives with purpose, which is why they are “Inspiring Us This Week”, and why we are proud to call them our partners! Check out this awesome story about a young mom and how a helping hand, and a lot of determination completely changed her life.


“The Salvation Army served a client this past year who had graduated college just two weeks prior. She had not yet found a job and was in danger of having her electricity turned off. She was a single mother and also in need of groceries for her and her young child. We helped her with both of her needs. This client came back in a couple of weeks later to let us know she had found a job and would soon be able to provide for her and her child. She also came to say thank you for our help and for getting her family through a very difficult situation.”

To hear more inspiring stories like this check out the Salvation Army’s blog page!


Did you Know?
• The Salvation Army provided over 40,000 meals last year to people in need in Northwest Arkansas.
• The organization also provided over 15,000 articles of clothing to adults and children in need.
• The Salvation Army continues to be able to provide thousands of items such as diapers, baby food, fans, blankets and more to individuals in the community who desperately need these items because of the product they receive through the United Way Gift in Kind Warehouse.


Follow the Salvation Army on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and continue to see how they are “doing the most good” in this community…our community!


If you’re interested in helping this program, so that you can assist individuals as they work to move forward on the path to success, check out what your gift can do:

$5 a week ($260 a year) will provide:
A family in dire financial need with groceries.
$10 a week ($520 a year) will provide:
3 families in an emergency financial situation with utility assistance.
$20 a week ($1,040 a year) will provide:
Thousands of people the help they need during a natural disaster