2016 United we READ, United we LIVE Event


To those of you who missed out on the 2016 United we READ, United we LIVE event, you missed great discussion in company of those who find fighting poverty in our community of great importance. Many community leaders spanning from the political sphere, school boards, banking, media personnel and more joined in on the evening.


Co-author of “$2.00 a Day; Living on Almost Nothing In America,” Luke Shaefer, came for the event and lead a great discussion on the findings shown in his book. He mentioned that while preparing for the book, “we did something that most didn’t do whenever they were performing research on the poor—we went and visited with the poor.” This firsthand experience alongside the poor took accounts of what daily life and attitudes really reflect; therefore giving a different perceptive on how we really do need to be uncomfortable in our bubble in order to start making a difference. Having a voice, getting a good relationship on a state level, and educating the community can be the keys to lifting those in poverty out.

One of the points Shaefer spoke on at the event, (and can be directed back to having a good relationship on the state level in order to make a difference) was that policies are not being interpreted for what they were meant to be. This lack of fulfilment of policies can be because they may not have been defined well enough. Instead of allocated funds going directly towards cash safety nets, dollars are going into other programs that still technically fit inside the policy. This is just one of the issues up against those in poverty.
We hope the ideas talks about at the event spread virally throughout our community as we share and educate on the challenges we face as we work to fight poverty! Thank you to the community leaders and public who came out to show their support. #LiveUnitedNWA

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