7 Hills Homeless Center is one of the many agencies United Way of Northwest Arkansas supports. Recently, they began a new program: Ventures Group. This program allows them to work more closely with the participants of their housing programs to help integrate them better into everyday life. United Way of Northwest Arkansas is proud to say that we are partners with an agency making such strides in people’s lives. Here is a short overview of the program: 7hills-header-logo

WHAT: Ventures Group is a recreation-style group that provides an opportunity for clients’ of 7 Hills Homeless Center to connect with peers and others in the community while engage in activities of their choosing. Among other things, this group chose to go fishing, have a potluck and story-telling night, and volunteer at the United Way warehouse.
WHO: A group of 6-8 participants who have experienced homelessness but currently participate in housing programs through 7 Hills Homeless Center.
WHEN: Each group meets every 2 weeks for 3 months. After which time a new group with new participants has an opportunity to plan and participate in a new set of activities.
WHY: Goals for the group experiences include: having time to enjoy life and de-stress, learning more about the surrounding community, finding a place to connect and give back, developing friendships and try new things.