Brad Lymburner talks about Live United Day 2014

LIVE UNITED Day is one of the largest one-day volunteer efforts of the year. Northwest Arkansas unites to serve Benton, Madison and Washington counties in Arkansas and McDonald County in Missouri. Local volunteers are paired with nonprofits to complete much needed projects. In 2013, more than 600 volunteers participated and $63,154 worth of volunteer time was accomplished on LIVE UNITED Day.
We are doing a Q&A with both a volunteer and an agency to get their perspectives on what LIVE UNITED Day is and this week is our Q&A with Brad Lymburner from GE, mobilizing sponosor of LIVE UNITED Day.

1. How many years has GE supported LU Day?

GE, and specifically our GE Capital unit here in NWA, has supported the United Way for as long as we’ve been here in NWA, which goes back to the early 90’s. We have supported Lived United Day long before it was named that, and we are the only Mobilizing Sponsor that the event has ever had, serving in that capacity since sponsorship began for the event several years ago.
2. Why did you/the company first get involved with LU Day?

We have a relatively small office, approximately 40 people, with the large majority being people who have moved to the NWA area from other communities around the country but we nearly universally have a passion for serving, for contributing however we are able to making a better community where we live, where we work, where our kids attend school, etc. As a result, we are very active in volunteering, with the United Way, with specific partner Agencies, within our schools, and more. Live United Day has always been an obvious event in which we would choose to participate.
3. What brings you back every year to support LU Day?

Live United Day is such an effective, efficient, and productive event. The amount of work that can be accomplished in a single day, with the support of so many businesses and organizations, is amazing. While agencies need help throughout the year, this single day is a great chance to really make a positive impact across our region.
4. Are there other ways you support United Way of Northwest Arkansas?

We, of course, have our annual fundraising campaign to support our local United Way. United Way is our primary charitable focus as an organization and the employees in our site have always been very generous with their support for the United Way. In addition, throughout the years, we have had employees participate in various local United Way committees.

Thank you Brad for volunteering and sharing your story with us!

For more information on LIVE UNITED Day and/or to learn more about volunteer projects please visit our webpage