JoelJoel Doelger
Director of Community Relations and Housing Counseling,
We know our services change peoples’ lives. Just look at some of the responses we received to a recent client survey:
“We have total confidence in CCOA to handle the complex issues of debt reduction.”
“Thanks to Bridget [CCOA counselor] for her help on my home loan and other debts. I now feel like I can handle my future from here and I appreciate CCOA for being there for my family. I’m not sure where I would be today without their help. I have recommended CCOA to a couple people that were in need of help too. My experience has been nothing but professional and positive. Thanks!”
 “I was depressed; I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I was borrowing money from friends.  I felt so depressed I did not want to continue with my life.  But CCOA helped me and now I’m smiling again”
“You folks helped turn my life around when I felt like there was no hope.”
“Mark Jones[ CCOA counselor]  was SO encouraging, and very knowledgeable. He thinks outside the box, and one of his suggestions was one I hadn’t thought of beforehand, nor had it been mentioned by any of the financial books or advisors with whom I’d previously consulted. It altered my direction in a way that brought a refreshing peace of mind. I am EXTREMELY thankful for Mark Jones and CCOA. There is not enough room here to express my gratitude or to describe the specifics, but I thank God for Mark Jones and CCOA.”
We’re involved with the United Way because that partnership adds to our credibility. When consumers shop for services, they don’t always know who to trust. Knowing that we’re associated with United Way reassures prospective clients that we have roots in the community and we’ll work in their best interests. That helps get them in the door, and leads to the sorts of client comments above.