I #Filed4Free thanks to FTSI!

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Tax season is rapidly coming to a close, but it is not to late to file your taxes through our Free Tax Service Initiative! You can visit one of the 3 tax prep sites across Northwest Arkansas, or file for free online at MyFreeTaxes.com. We asked Lindsey Strong, Volunteer Coordinator at the Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas to give us a little insight into her experience getting her taxes filed through the Free Tax Service Initiative. She even gave us a few tips on what to be prepared for:

“There are two things in life you can’t avoid: death and taxes. And sometimes, I think those two things may walk hand in hand! I am new to filing as an independent and it can be a very confusing process. But thanks to the free tax service initiative sponsored by United Way NWA, I was able to knock out all of my filing in under an hour at one of the free tax prep. sites! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Have all your documents ready. Give your tax center a call in advance or google what tax documents you will need to have with you. For the pros, you may have everything already gathered, but if you are not as familiar with filing, things to grab are your income form (W2), savings account interest forms, health insurance tax forms, and anything you may need to itemize. You can find a pretty comprehensive list here: http://www.hrblock.com/tax-offices/tax-prep/tax-prep-checklist.html
2. Show up to your appointment (with all of your documents)! The incredibly nice people checking you in will give you a form to fill out. You will need your documentation for this.
3. Pair up with a tax professional and watch them work their magic! All the info was filled in for me by my tax preparer. After they filled in all the online forms, they walked me through the information, and another tax preparer double checked his work to guaranteed accuracy!
If you are owed money, you can have it deposited to your checking account then and there! If you owe money, you can choose to send in a check (they print off all the forms and envelopes for you) or you can have it pulled from your account directly (which is the way I went!).
All your documents will be wrapped up nice and neat in an envelope for you to keep (for the next 7 years!) and use for next year’s taxes.
Can taxes really be that easy? Why yes, they can!
1, 2, 3- taxes filed for me!”