I will never forget…

It was the last day for Stuff the Bus. Not only that, it was the last hour. The heat had defeated me. I was tired, slightly dehydrated, sunburnt, and very ready to go home. I was staffing United Way Stuff the Bus at the Pleasant Grove Walmart. People were out in force that day eager to get all of the school supplies on their children’s list. As I was sorting supplies on my bus getting ready to close up, a family walks up to me. The mother was tall, beautiful, and very cordial. On either side of her were her daughters. There was no denying the resemblance. They were probably 8 and 9 years old. Cute little girls. They were all heading in to brave the crowds and get their schools supplies for the year. Or so I thought.

The mother asks, “Is it too late to donate supplies?” I replied, “No, I’ll be out here for another hour or so. Just bring them to the bus when you come out.” The mother smiled, took a supply list and walked off. Her daughters skipped right behind her. I heard her tell them she was going to give them a budget and let them pick out what they were going to donate.
About forty-five minutes later, I was wrapping up on my bus. One of the little girls comes on to the bus and says excitedly, “We have some supplies to donate!” I step off the bus with her and they are beaming. The little girls are so excited at what they had picked out. Beside them is a basket full of school supplies. The mother picks up one bag that contained their personal items. The rest, they donated to Rogers Public Schools.
Stuff the Bus is this weekend. There will be buses parked out front of all Walmart locations in NWA. Stuff the Bus is not only a time to help out needy children in our area. It can also be a time to educate your children on the need beside them in the classroom, or on their ball team, and begin teaching them how to give back.
Mike Williams, VP of Resource Development