Inspiring Us This Week: Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls Club

The mission of the Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls Club is simple: “We are a resource for families to improve the quality of their lives through the development of youth in a safe environment.” More often than not, children, specifically children who grow up in poverty, have trouble expressing how they feel in a manner that is appropriate. Kids of any age struggle to find their words, which holds them back from communicating clearly and effectively. The Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls Club Youth and Family Enrichment Program works to provide children the safe and nurturing environment needed to process thoughts, feelings and emotions by providing them with after school opportunities that focus on leadership, building character, education, health and life skills; all skills that these children will be able to utilize throughout their life. The Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls Club is “Inspiring Us This Week” because of the emphasis that is put on developing today’s youth into the leaders of tomorrow.


“Heather* is seven years old and has been coming to the Boys & Girls Club for the past year and a half. When she first started coming to the Boys & Girls Club, she was attending an alternative school and had multiple instances of getting in serious trouble at both school and the Club. Her infractions ranged from using bad language, to starting altercations with other children, to throwing long temper tantrums. After her mother was arrested last year, she was removed from her home but continued to come to the Boys & Girls Club. Since that time, she has become close to a couple of our female staff and her attitude towards all staff and other children has changed drastically. She is now in regular school, has not been in trouble at the Club in well over a month, and is very active in the library and art room during her daily time here.”

*name changed for privacy

The Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls club keeps its doors open approximately 90% of the year, providing over 1,000 hours of youth development programming per year to kids in our community. In 2014 alone, 911 membership scholarships were provided to youth who lived in households experiencing financial burden, or poverty.


If you’re interested in helping this program, so that you can assist individuals as they work to move forward on the path to success, check out what your gift can do:

$5 a week ($260 a year) will provide:

4 children with financial need the opportunity to participate in Youth Development Programming for an entire year.

$10 a week ($520 a year) will provide:

Food supplies for an entire school year for Healthy Cooking classes that teach children how to prepare easy and healthy meals and snacks for themselves and their families.

$20 a week ($1,040 a year) will provide:

A bus driver to transport over 200 children daily to the hot lunch program provided through the Fayetteville Public Schools for the entire summer.