Donovan_blog-01A little more than a month ago, we reached out to a company called Explainify in Fayetteville. We wanted to know if they would work with us to create a video on an upcoming campaign, but the kicker was, we had a very tight budget. They got back to us very quickly that they would love to help us out and a great relationship was born! As we began working with them we learned that they have more than one employee with previous non-profit experience and are always giving back to the community. Each month every employee is given money to give to a charity of their choice. They also go and volunteer as a team at non-profits around the NWA community.

Donovan Golden works for Explainify as the Director of Strategies and Operations, but before that, he had 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector. He journey and drive for the non-profit sector began early as a child. His family would take in other families while they were down on their luck and help them back on their feet and he learned to help people from an early age. He also loves how quickly you can see the impact you are making in someone’s life.

While attending college, Donovan began working at Stubbin’s Youth in Moberly, MO, which is a house for troubled teens. He said it was challenging but very rewarding. From there, he moved to Northwest Arkansas and began working at the Youth Bridge Centerton shelter for trouble teens and then Vista Health where he utilized his undergrad degree in Psychology and worked in therapeutic health. From there, Donovan went to work for the Boys and Girls Club of Benton County, first as a Program Director and then as the Director of Character and Leadership. During his time there he developed programs for over 2000 kids and even took a group to Guatemala! During his time, the Unidos Keystone Club was honored with the “Take a Stand” national project award. Read more here.

Last October, Donovan moved from the non-profit sector to the for-profit sector when he joined the Explainify team as the Director of Strategies and Operations. “I saw the power of video and what it can do for the non-profits I love,” says Golden about the change. He also knew the owners from church and knew they had a passion for giving back to the community. Because of tight budgets, it’s often hard to show what great work a non-profit is doing. This is where Explainify steps in, like they did with us, and worked with us on our budget. They want to give back and foster and environment of giving back. Not only do they give their employees money to give to a charity of their choice, they go out as a team and volunteer at the non-profits in our community.

This company deserves a huge shout out. They are doing amazing work in the community and employee people with a great passion for helping others. We are so proud to be working with them!