Inspiring Us This Week: EOA Children’s House

The purpose of EOA Children’s House is clearly stated- “Stopping child abuse and saving lives.” EOA Children’s House is the only organization of its kind in Arkansas. The organization is a safe haven for children under the age of 5 that have been subjected to abuse or neglect. The care and passion that the team at EOA Children’s House puts in to the work they do for the kids is incredible to see. Earlier this week we had the opportunity to stop by EOA Children’s House to drop of a donation of coats for the kids that were collected by Rockline, Ind. The gratitude of the staff truly showed just how much they care, and how much of their hearts go into keeping children, like Jeffery*, safe and loved which is exactly why they are “Inspiring Us This Week” !


“’Jeffrey’ came to Children’s House as a 2 year old with his 2 older siblings; all had been removed from their parent’s custody due to abuse and neglect in the home. Jeffrey was so developmentally delayed that he only verbalized in “grunts” and he ate by burying his face into the bowl or plate like an animal. He was terrified of toilets (particularly when they flushed) and his assessments showed delays of as much as 18 months in some areas. Jeffrey and his siblings bounced around from relative placement to foster home placement including several stays at the children’s shelter when foster homes weren’t available. Children’s House was the only constant presence in his life. In April 2015, Jeffrey tested out of all therapy services having met all physical, speech, and occupational therapy goals. In July 2015, Jeffrey scored in the 94th percentile of his age group in all areas of educational development. In August 2015, Jeffrey transitioned to public school Kindergarten on the same physical, academic, and social/emotional level as his peers who had not suffered from life-threatening abuse and/or neglect. Neither of Jeffrey’s biological parents completed High School; given the intervention and treatment that he received at Children’s House, research tells us that Jeffrey will be “ready to learn to read” on day #1 of Kindergarten which, in turn, will enable him to be “ready to read to learn” on day #1 of 3rd grade, a strong indicator of high school graduation. Jeffrey’s siblings also completed treatment at Children’s House before entering Kindergarten and were on grade-level for Kindergarten. Children’s House staff will follow Jeffrey during this first year away from Children’s House to ensure continuity between Children’s House and public school as well as to provide ongoing support to his foster family.”

*indicates an alteration in name in order to protect the clients privacy.EOACS

Did you Know?

  • Children’s House provides 136,864 hours of early intervention and treatment services for children under the age of 5 years who have experienced adverse childhood experiences including abuse and/or neglect in order to ameliorate the effects of child maltreatment and insure school readiness for entry into Kindergarten at age 5 years.
  • Children’s House provides 39,104 meals per year to child victims of abuse and/or neglect; 90% of whom live at or below the federal poverty level.
  • Children’s House provided 3854 hours of intensive family services to ensure family engagement in order to prevent further abuse and/or neglect, to provide court reports and testimony in family court for court/DHS-involved families, and to ensure that the child and family are making progress on school readiness goals.EOACH

If you’re interested in helping this program, so that you can assist individuals as they work to move forward on the path to success, check out what your gift can do:

$5 a week ($260 a year) will provide:

208 healthy and nutritious snacks which are served twice per day (per child care licensing regulations) and promote good nutrition habits. (Children’s House serves 39,104 snacks per year.)

$10 a week ($520 a year) will provide:

26 Parent Education Backpacks (Backpacks are checked out to parents on a monthly basis and include home learning items for counting, reading,& family attachment activities in order to support parent engagement to prevent further abuse and/or neglect.)

$20 a week ($1,040 a year) will provide:

74 hours of intensive family engagement services to ensure family involvement, to support foster parents, parent education and intervention to prevent further child abuse and/or neglect.