In honor of National Volunteer Week our staff has written about their favorite volunteer experience. We love to get out in our community as much as we can! Kelsey’s favorite experience was when she volunteered for an assisted living facility as an exercise instructor.

“As a Heath Promotion student at Arkansas State University I would often get emails from professors about volunteer opportunities to enhance my resume’. One day, one came across my radar that really interested me-become the volunteer exercise instructor at a local assisted living facility. Residents in assisted living carry a common stereotype that I very quickly found to be untrue! I started volunteering there in August of 2012. On my first day I arrived with some really simple stretching exercises followed by some chair aerobics for a little light “cardio”; nothing to heavy, I did not want to exhaust them on the first day. Boy, was I wrong in my assumption that these ladies and gents would need “watered down” exercise! By the end of my time volunteering in August of 2013 we were moving and shaking in Zumba, and doing old school callisthenic workouts that would make ANYONE sweat. I still smile every time I think about my time volunteering with those residents and all the fun and laughs we had together!” -Kelsey Brock


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