.Prosperity Tomorrow.

United Way of Northwest Arkansas is committed to creating a Road Map to Prosperity that increase opportunities for children and families to live and grow in a thriving, nurturing environment. Thanks to the generosity of the Northwest Arkansas community, United Way is proud to announce that we have awarded 25 grants totaling $2 million for the 2019-2021 grant cycle. The grants will support programs focused on children and families in poverty.

As a mobilizer of community resources, United Way works in collaboration with partners throughout the region to raise funds that support these programs to increase the capacity of children and families to achieve their fullest human potential in three core areas:

.1. Developing Self-Sufficiency.

Developing Self-Sufficiency programs will ensure the future economic stability of children and families by strengthening workforce readiness skills and increasing the capacity of youth to acquire a sustainable living wage.

.2. Parents as First Teachers.

The first years of life are critical for healthy brain development and for children to get the boost they need to be ready to learn and thrive. Parents as First Teachers programs will ensure that children, parents, caregivers, and families are working together to strengthen school readiness skills.

.3. Quality out-of-school time.

High-quality out-of-school time programs increases academic success, expands exploration of career paths, and results in positive outcomes for children. This funding area focuses on increasing access to high-quality out-of-school time programs that will build the capacity for greater success.