2016 Creative Campaigns!

We’ve had so much fun watching companies across Northwest Arkansas participate in the 2016 United Way Campaign! We’ve highlighted some of the creative campaigns that have happened so far below. We’re looking forward to more fun campaigns coming soon! If you have questions about how to run a workplace campaign, contact Ashley Wardlow: awardlow@unitedwaynwa.org.

General Mills Food Truck “Feastival” – General Mills hosted their 2nd annual Food Truck Feastival on September 29th. Over 650 people came out to join in the fun! Patrons payed a $3 entry fee that went directly to United Way NWA. There were four local food trucks attendance: Kind Kitchen, Baller, Feltner Brothers, and Trickdilly, who all put out a United Way NWA donation jar instead of a tip jar. Thanks, General Mills for another fun campaign!


The University of Arkansas Partner Agency Fair – The University of Arkansas hosted their Campaign kick-off event on October 1st with an agency fair! There were 12 United Way NWA partner agencies in attendance along with the U of A cheerleaders and mascot, Pork Chop. Together we called the Hogs, sang the fight Song and talked about building a pathway out of poverty for every child in Northwest Arkansas. U of A’s Campaign is called: “Community Strong, Child by Child”.


The University of Arkansas Facilities – The U of A Facilities team held their facilities picnic on September 25th for all facilities staff. All of the funds raised went to benefit United Way NWA and the programs we fund! The staff had a lot of fun at the picnic and we really appreciate all of the support!

UA Facilities Picnic

For more pictures from creative 2016 United Way NWA Campaigns, click here to view our Facebook page!