We wanted to share some information about the community events going on in Northwest Arkansas soon! There are constantly opportunities to strengthen our community through trainings and workshops. When our community works together, we succeed together!


Graduate NWA


  • State Your Case—Create Advocacy Messages that Get Results (Free): more info here 
  • How to Tell Donors a Story in a Thank you Letter that Inspires Future Gifts (Free): more info here 


Free Online Training

A free online training site that covers everything from basic computer skills to Microsoft Office programs to soft skills. They offer training in the following ways:

  • You can simply get on at any time and pick a topic to learn more about. It has very detailed instructions, pictures, and videos. The topics also cover from basic and build up, allowing you to learn from the beginning, or skip things you already know.
  • They also have Microsoft Office Online Classes that you can sign up for and complete. The Online Classes require assignments and offer a certificate.
  • more info here