11264899_10153453139046460_2075611163746677964_nOn Friday evening a little girl about 4 years old and her mother came up to the school bus. The little girl asked her mom if they could donate school supplies. The mother looked at me, with an apologetic expression and told her daughter “Honey, mommy doesn’t have any more money.” The little girl looked a little disappointed. She really wanted to help. She then reached into her happy meal, and with the biggest smile on her face, handed me her minion toy. I almost started to cry right then and there! To see a small child, who doesn’t understand the harsh realities of poverty so willing and passionate about giving was inspirational and definitely one of my favorite moments from  Fill the Bus 2015. What a giving heart! -Kelsey Brock


FTBAshleyAt about 1pm on Friday, I was tallying up the donations we had received so far in the VERY hot school bus when a teenaged girl came up to me with her mother. This girl was 17 years old and headed into her senior year of high school. She told me she wanted to volunteer. She was not registered, and had never reached out to me about wanting to volunteer for the event before. She told me that she was watching the news on Friday morning and saw the event and told her mother that she wanted to participate. She did not know much about Fill the Bus, except that it was helping kids who live in poverty. I told her that all of the school supplies raised at each individual bus would go back into the district, in the case of our bus that would be Springdale. She was so excited and eager to work hearing that all of the supplies she could help raise would benefit her classmates. She stayed until we closed up the bus that evening. A teenager, in the middle of the summer, on a hot July afternoon gave up all of her free time to come volunteer for almost 8 hours to help out her classmates.  How awesome is that?! -Kelsey Brock


There were so many awesome kids that came to donate supplies at the bus I was working, but one little girl really stood out. She came to donate her supples straight to the bus and while she was there her mom said that the girl had saved her allowance to fill up a bag of school supplies to donate. I just thought that was so awesome because she was so young and to be thinking about helping others with the money she earned rather than going to buy a toy or something else was so humbling. It really touched my heart. -Kayleigh Cooper





image10_0I had some really awesome kids come with their parents to volunteer at my bus too, including my adorable neice! I love to see children out volunteering because in addition to helping out they are really learning such great skills and life lessons. Volunteering really teaches empathy, responsibility, and compassion for others. To see these children come and volunteer their time out in the hot sun was so amazing. They weren’t complaining and they really were excited to help. It really boosted my energy levels and passion to see how passionate these kids were about helping others. -Kayleigh Cooper