Leadercast photoOn May 8th our team had the opportunity to attend a Leadercast simulcast at the Cross Church hosted by Work Matters. The theme of Leadercast 2015 was “The Brave Ones.” There, we got to listen to many speakers such as Peyton Manning, Malala Yousafzai, Ed Catmull, Seth Godin and others. These leaders all had great advice and stories to share that we could take so much from. Each of their stories spoke differently to each person in the room. Our staff has shared with you what they learned and what they took away from Leadercast 2015.
Alexa McGriff—
Malala Yousafzai, when asked if there was any fear in standing up for the rights of girls to receive an education and standing against the Taliban, said: “There was fear, but I never let that fear overcome my courage.” WOW! So often at work, we let fear stop us from moving forward. Fear of saying the wrong thing, of our ideas being stupid, of being fired. The only thing we should be afraid of is not trying – of letting fear overcome our courage. Being brave at work can be tough, but the results you’ll get will be SO worth it! I’m choosing to not let my fear overcoming my courage. I hope you’ll do the same.
Kim Johnson—
I absolutely loved listening to Malala Yousafzai’s story about refusing to be silenced by the Taliban and continuing to fight for the right for everyone to receive an education. Malala’s bravery and unwavering dedication are truly an inspiration. She believes that bravery has no limits and that everyone has a role to play when it comes to seeing real change occur. She encouraged everyone to focus on hope and what things could be. She also encouraged everyone to simply act so that fear would not win, but that courage would overcome.
Kelsey Brock—
There were so many great stories and messages at Leadercast 2015 that it is hard to just choose one. We heard from some truly brave leaders but the message that I carry with me daily came from a “Brave One” who lives the definition of the word every single day, CMDR Rorke Denver, a U.S. Navy SEAL. He spoke about fear. One of the first things he said, that grabbed my attention was that we must embrace fear to achieve bravery and turn our weaknesses into strengths. I was inspired by his lecture, and in the month that has passed since Leadercast I constantly find myself thinking of the quote he left us with, and using it to embrace my weaknesses and become one of the brave ones. “Advance on fear, make bold corrections, and lean in to the pain.
Belinda Davis—
In Rudy Giuliani’s speech at Leadercast, he described a scenario in New York where he had to make bold and innovative decisions. Instead of merely accepting the unemployment and poverty rates within his city, he changed job descriptions and in doing so, changed lives. By turning welfare officials into job seekers he was able to place thousands of people in jobs who may not have entered the workforce otherwise. He didn’t merely see the problem but thought of a new way to solve it that hadn’t been tried before, and which worked. He showed me that brave leadership and the drive to help people can be displayed in many ways with far-reaching impacts.
Ashley Wardlow—
Ashley’s favorite takeaway from Leadercast is the idea that leadership is a team sport.
Holly Hill—
Aja Brown made history as the City of Compton California’s youngest elected Mayor at the age of 31.  Aja Brown is a leader with brave courage.  The community of Compton was riddled with gang activity and violence.  She chose to bring gang members together – to become a part of a solution not a problem.  Aja Brown stated that “Brave leaders diminish the fear of failure.  This is not about me; this is about impacting lives and caring for others. “
Kayleigh Cooper—
The thing that stood out to me from Leadercast is that teamwork is the most important thing you can have in a successful business. Many of the speakers touched on this point. Here are some of my favorite quotes.
Peyton Manning
“Understand the sustained power that leaders have, but don’t be convinced that you did it alone.”
“You have to earn respect before people will listen to your ideas.”
Seth Godin
“Connection- have the bravery to connect to the people around you.”
Ed Catmull
“The dynamic of the team is more important than the idea.”
“If you give a bad team a good idea, they’ll screw it up.”
“Have a shared ownership in success, give and listen to honest notes, take the power structure out of the room so that it is peers talking to peers. “
Rudy Giuliani
“Teamwork! Never believe it is about you!”