Thank you to everyone that was able to attend our quarterly Partner Agency meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. If you missed the meeting, take a look at what was covered.


UWNWA Campaign

Thank you to all of our partner agencies for your historic support of the UWNWA Campaign! Your support in running an organization campaign and your willingness to speak to local businesses is a tremendous help. We kicked off our Campaign season last month and the new focus on children living in poverty has really resonated with a lot of people in Northwest Arkansas. We know that we could not do this work without all of you and your agencies. When we have a partner agency speak at a workplace campaign for a local business, we are able to bring to life the work that you are doing and you are able to represent the people that you help each and every day.



If you have any questions about our Campaign or if would like to run an organization campaign, please contact Ashley Wardlow (


Northwest Arkansas Council

Michael Harvey and Stacey Sturner

For the last four years, the Northwest Arkansas Council has been reaching out to businesses to determine the challenges for economic development in Northwest Arkansas. A majority of businesses agree that they struggle to find the types of workers that they need to fill open positions, mainly concerning positions that require higher education and trade skills. Businesses also agree that no matter the wage of a job, the top five skills needed to be successful in a job area all soft skills.


The Northwest Arkansas Council is determined to find out how to recruit, retain, and develop the workforce in Northwest Arkansas. They will be focusing on how to help people step up the career ladder. Their new program, Graduate NWA ( is a partnership between the Northwest Arkansas Council and six area higher education providers. The focus of Graduate NWA is to help adults who want to go to college for the first time or finish their college training. They offer GED assistance, college prep courses, financial aid counseling, and scholarships.


On Tuesday, September 29 between 4:30-7:30 pm at the Jones Center, Graduate NWA will host the “Come Back to College Fair.” This drop in event will include free pizza, ten $1,000 tuition reimbursement scholarships, financial-aid counseling, transcript evaluation, and much more!



Updates from UWNWA

  • Thank you for completing the 2014-2015 Year-End Report! We are excited to look over the reports and utilize the information for campaign and social media.
  • We are going to highlight one agency a week for the next year through our social media outlets! Be on the lookout!
  • We want your feedback on the 2014-2015 Year-End Report. We will be sending out a survey that will help us make decisions on how to create reports in the future.
  • Our Community Impact team (Holly Sparks Hill and Kim Johnson) have been challenged to get out and form stronger partnerships with all of our partner agencies. They will each be visiting two agencies a week for the next year.
  • UWNWA is looking at how to simplify the designation payment process. Be on the lookout for changes.
  • UWNWA has hired an executive search firm to help recruit nationwide for the President position. We currently have a pool of candidates and are working diligently to hire a new President.