Spring into Volunteering!

With spring in full bloom there is nothing more exciting than the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. What if you had the opportunity to do both while also helping others in your community? The United Way of Northwest Arkansas Volunteer Center allows you to do just that!

Spring is a great time to get out and get involved in the community, and it is also the time that agencies often need a little help. Whether you enjoy gardening, landscaping, carpentry, or you just want to educate your family and kids on the importance of giving back, there are plenty of opportunities to go around.

CitiScapes2-Souls HarborThe United Way Volunteer Center will create you a custom profile where you can specify what activities, or organizations, most interest you. When a similar activity is uploaded, you will get a personal email with all the details that will allow you to quickly and easily register for that project.

The Volunteer Center can help you make lasting connections with local nonprofit agencies that you may be passionate about. With over 500 local agencies signed up, there are plenty of opportunities across the region so no matter where you live, the opportunity to volunteer and make an impact is available to you!

Citiscapes4-WM Print Solutions @ H4HIf you would like to create a Volunteer Profile so that you and your family can be matched with the perfect volunteer project for you this spring, just visit www.volunteernwa.org or contact Kelsey Brock at 479.303.4426.