There are currently over 40,000 families in Northwest Arkansas struggling to make ends meet.

In the “prosperous” community of Northwest Arkansas, 40,000 families are making less than $25,000 a year. 20% of adults are without health insurance. Numerous schools in NWA have free/reduced lunch rates of over 50%, and some have surpassed 80% free/reduced lunch rate. 153 students in the Rogers School District were coded homeless last year. Washington County has one of the highest poverty rates in the United States. And the list goes on.

In a community of “prosperity”, what are we missing here?

Our community is in desperate need of organizations and individuals to Turn Outward. To look outside of ourselves, our lives, our responsibilities, our jobs, and our expertise, and look to the community. The Harwood Institute suggests that there are so many innovative nonprofits, businesses, and individuals who are willing to create change and to give hope; however, “many of us have turned inward, focusing more on our organization, our branding, and endless to-do lists rather than on our community.”

Where do we start in the process of turning outward? Get together with your team and take this quiz.

–Lisa Fury Smith, Manager, Community Impact