The United Way of NWA COVID-19 Response Fund has awarded $129,550 to 61 local nonprofits. These awards will ensure rapid funding for nonprofit organizations meeting basic needs for community members impacted by the pandemic, including food, shelter, housing, and emergency financial assistance.

COVID-19 Fund Impact Report (Click Here for PDF)

Apple Seeds – $2,500 to help support health-growing food to be distributed to families affected by poverty and unemployment. Providing fresh fruits and vegetables to make sure meals are nutritious. 

Area Agency on Aging, Region X McDonald County Home – $2,000.00 Delivered to help with the Meals Program. 

Arkansas Crisis Center– $1,000 to support for Crisis Call Specialists providing counseling support to at-risk individuals 

Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese – $2,500 to provide funding to support financial stability addressing financial needs of Marshallese families. Currently focused on rent, medical bills, doctor’s visits, COVID-19 testing, medicine, transportation, food, and childcare. 

Arkansas Immigrant Defense – $2,000 to help with Legal Services for NWA Students Receiving ARKids, SNAP and Domestic Violence Families.

Arkansas Marshallese United Church of Christ (Jari Rarik Dron Church) – $1,000 to support for Marshallese community. 

Arkansas Support Network – $2,000 to help Emergency Financial Support for individuals with disabilities. Art Feeds – $2,500 to help provide kits of art supplies and socio emotional worksheets to be distributed with school lunches. Designed for children at home during the pandemic with no resources.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas – $2,500 to help provide mentoring services have switched to online platforms. They are also connecting to resources as needed for things like food, employment opportunities, and emergency financial assistance. 

Boys & Girls Club of Benton County – $2,500 to help provide cleaning costs and facilities maintenance. Also, increased technology expenses from switching to online programming. 

Boys & Girls Club of Western Benton County – $2,500 to help provide virtual programming such as family game night, cooking videos, reading time, and more.

Bright Futures, Siloam Springs School District – $2,000 to help provide healthy snack pack supplies to last kids relying on school provided meals over the weekends. 

Canopy NWA – $2,500 to help provide provision of internet services for three months and a computing device in order to continue to provide online services and English language classes so as not to lose prior progress

CARE Community Center Inc – $1,500 to help with the Root Cellar Food Pantry.

Child Care Aware of NWA – $1,500 to help provide cleaning supplies and safety materials to deliver to childcare centers across NWA. 

City of Springdale Senior Center – $2,000 to help with Springdale Senior Center Meals on Wheels Program.

Community Clinic of NWA – $2,500 to help provide health testing patients for COVID-19 or diagnosing symptoms over the phone for those who cannot come into the building. Food may also been provided as patient needs are expressed. 

Credit Counseling of Arkansas – $2,000 to help in adjusting budget training to address those in emergency situations that now need to be even more stringent with their funds. Directing clients in need of extra assistance to other resources. 

Crosslines of McDonald County – $2,500 to help provide food boxes to families in need because of loss of employment during the crisis. 

Family Network – $1,000 to help provide health assistance with obtaining needed supplies like food, formula, and diapers. Activity kits to keep families interacting with each other and transportation assistance to medical appointments. 

Genesis House Inc. – $2,000 to help with the operations of the Genesis House Operations including Day Shelter, Food & Supplies.

Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas – $1,500 to help provide online programming for existing girl scouts. Trying to promote positive mental health for girls who feel cut off from communication during the lockdown.

Havenwood – $2,500 to help provide provisions of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes for all residents. Residents are greatly affected by loss of income and childcare, especially as may students are now learning from home. In addition, to create staff assistance for children’s schooling and providing emergency assistance for food, gas, rent, etc.

Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center – $2,500 to help provide childcare services for parents working in critical community professions. 

Hispanic Women’s Organization of Arkansas – $2,000 to help with financial support, food & cleaning supplies to families Affected by Covid-19.

Hope Cancer Resources – $2,500 to help provide financial assistance to help with the cost of prescriptions, living expenses such as mortgage/rent, utilities, car or house insurance payments, transportation expenses (including car payments and/or gas cards), and/or dental care for approximately 1,200 cancer patients who are currently in treatment and have a financial need.

Life Source International Inc – $2,500 to help provide resources such as more food, travel to pick up food from smaller pantries that closed, and sanitation supplies to keep clients safe.

Literacy Council of Benton County – $1,650 to help provide additional tutor training and English textbooks for the anticipated increased need after the no contact order is lifted. 

Make-A-Wish Mid-South – $1,000 to help with Wish Granting for the NWA area. 

McDonald Co. R-1 School District – $2,500 to help with transportation costs to delivery of food and snacks to ritual community areas during the crisis. 

Mercy Health Foundation Northwest Arkansas – $2,500 to help provided PPE for Health Care Workers Health Increased need for personal protection equipment while fighting COVID-19.

Nicole’s House – $2,500 to help provide transitional housing program for women coming out of incarceration or addiction. 

Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter – $2,500 to help provide assistance due to the increased need for services as stressful times result in more violence in the home

Northwest Arkansas Continuum of Care – $2,500 to help coordinating resources, education and collaboration among homeless service providers and allied sectors (e.g. healthcare, food security, disability, housing, etc.). 

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank – $2,500 to help provide the increased amounts of food to local businesses that distribute food. 

Northwest Arkansas Head Start – $2,500 to help restock of the food pantry with diapers, wipes, food, and formula to assist families in this time of crisis. 

Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter – $2,500 to help provide putting up families up in hotels to be safety cautious during the pandemic. Also, using funds to cover laundry costs, calling cards, food, and other needs.

Oasis of Northwest Arkansas – $2,500 to help provide sober living community for women and their children and used on increased housing, medical expenses, and strengthening job skills.

OneCommunity, Inc. – $1,000 to help with staff costs for Covid-19 outreach and emergency fund for families for utilities.

Open Avenues – $2,500 to help with the employee-training programs. 

Our Healthy Communities, Inc. – $2,500 to help provide home delivered meals for elderly clients.

Ozark Literacy Council – $2,500 to help provide English language classes through online platforms like Zoom and Google Hangout.

Peace at Home Family Shelter – $2,500 to help provide janitorial and cleaning costs have increased for those staying at the shelter as well as additional staffing for the increased need of the emergency shelter that provides housing, food, and transportation.

Prairie Grove School District – $2,500 to help provide backpacks of food for students to eat over the weekends when meals are not provided by the district. 

Prism Education Center – $1,500 to help provide additional computers to be checked out by families without access at home. 

Restoration Village – $1,500 to help with expenses related to safe shelter like food, housing, transportation, and counseling services.

Returning Home, Inc. – $2,000 to help provide food, housing, and employment for those just out of incarceration.

Rockin’ Baker Academy – $1,500 to help provide fresh bread to food insecure members of the community during this time of crisis. 

Salvation Army of McDonald County – $2,000 to help with masks & hand sanitizers for nursing homes.

Samaritan Community Center – $2,500 to help provide healthy food, clothes, dental care, school, supplies, counseling services, and other emergency assistance.

Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County – $2,500 to help parents to pay for daily expenses like food, rent, and more due to lost jobs and other struggles during this time.

Souls Harbor NWA – $2,500 to help program assistance addressing the needs of men in crisis including case management, food, housing, and life-skills classes.

Springdale School District – $2,500 to help provide bags of supplies such as healthy food, menstrual products, and cleaning supplies to students identified by counselors and social workers. 

Springdale School District – $1,000 to help the Springdale Speaks – Virtual Mentoring/Counseling Program for Elementary School Students in Marshallese, Spanish and English.

Sunshine School & Development Center – $2,400 to help with the expense for the Zoom account needed to move all classroom instruction online during the crisis.

Teen Action and Support Center – $2,500 to help provide teens needing food and other needs including diapers and wipes for teen parents.

The Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas – $2,500 to help provide personal protection equipment for staff and residents.

Tricycle Theatre for Youth – $1,500 to help provide activities online for youth to develop character strength.

Urban League of the State of Arkansas – $2,000 to help with the ULSA Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Village House Inc – $2,000 to help with adult care services for individuals with disabilities & seniors.

WelcomeHealth – $2,500 to help provide medical care unrelated to the virus as this is the only completely free clinic for those who truly cannot afford medical care.