.Tyson Summer Community Internship.

Focus of the program: To partner college-student interns with organizations throughout the NWA area in order to positively impact the community.

The United Way has partnered with Tyson Foods to provide an outstanding opportunity for select college students to gain professional experience as well as an understanding of diverse social issues while serving our community.

 This eight-week internship will allow students to assist community organizations and attend educational sessions that build skills including leadership, professionalism, critical thinking, collaboration and interpersonal communication.

  Organization Applicants.

Who should apply?

Tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives in Northwest Arkansas. Organizations must provide services or be based in Benton or Washington County. Additionally, the organization must have the capacity to successfully provide a quality internship experience, including orientation, training and daily guidance.

Special consideration will be given to those organizations whose core mission is aligned with one of Tyson’s targeted themes of:

  • Immigration
  • Hunger Relief
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Adult literacy and education for non-English speakers

Special note: If your organization’s mission or services do not align with one of Tyson’s targeted themes, you are still eligible to apply. The program allows internships for other nonprofit categories such as art, education, health and other social welfare services.

Host Site (Organization) Requirements

Community organizations selected to host a Tyson Community Intern must commit to the following:


  • Process the student intern as a full-time seasonal/temporary employee
  • Pay related employer taxes
  • Issue a promotional story on the organization’s website about the internship. The story should acknowledge Tyson Foods and the United Way of Northwest Arkansas.
  • Assist the student in creating at least three (3) social media posts about their internship experience
Grant Award

Tyson Foods provides funds to support the paid internship positions. Community organizations selected as a host site will receive one paid intern for eight weeks and an amount of $4,200 for the intern’s wages.

Application Submission

The application process for Summer 2022 is open to nonprofits from October 20th to November 19th.

Applicants should apply online at https://www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon?urlkey=UWNWA. You will also need to fill out the following form: Intern Job Description Form.

If this is your first time using our grants management portal, you will need to create an account. After signing in, click the “apply” button and then type the code “NPO” into the access code box in the top right corner to view the application.


  Intern Applicants.

Internship Positions

Open Avenues –  Social Media & Events Intern
Boys & Girls Club of Benton County –  Content Creator
Fayetteville Public Education Foundation –  Strategy and Development Intern
Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas –  Development, Marketing, & Program Intern
Hispanic Women’s Organization of Arkansas –  Marketing Intern
Yvonne Richardson Community Center YRCC –  Summer Camp Intern
Northwest Arkansas Head Start –  ERSEA Assistant
Boys & Girls Club of Western Benton County –  Cox Innovation Technology Lab Instructor
Fayetteville Public Library Foundation –  Development and Marketing Intern
Family Network –  Development Intern
Donald W. Reynolds Boys & Girls Club –  Learning Loss Prevention Coordinator
Northwest Arkansas Continuum of Care –  Organizational Systems Coordinator
Tricycle Theatre for Youth –  Summer Academy Teaching Intern
Ozark Literacy Council –  Engagement Intern
Canopy NWA Refugee –  Employment Intern
St. Francis House, Inc., dba Community Clinic –  Population Health and Quality Intern
Northwest Arkansas Food Bank –  Service Insights Assistant
Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter –  Development & Thrift Store Intern
Children’s Museum of Northwest Arkansas –  Summer Camp Intern
OneCommunity, Inc. –  Community Engagement & Program Management Intern
Samaritan Community Center –  Information Technology Improvements Intern
Dress for Success Northwest Arkansas –  Community Engagement Intern

Eligibility Criteria

To Participate in the program, the students must:


  • Be enrolled as undergraduate student who will be returning to college as a full time sophomore, junior or senior in the fall of 2022.
  • Must meet all the employment requirements of the hiring nonprofit organization.
Student Obligations

If accepted into the program, interns must: 

·Agree to responsibilities of the job and complete all eight weeks of full-time employment – work 35 hours per week.

·Attend kickoff event and two education sessions

·Take the Birkman Assessment & attend workshop

·Create at least four social media posts about their experience

·Complete a post-program evaluation form providing feedback to the organization about the program and its impact.




Application Submission

Applications will be accepted for the TSIP 2022 between January – April  2022. 

To Apply

Complete application via Logon portal Grant Management System or by entering www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon?urlkey=UWNWA into your browser. 

  1. If you do not already have a login ID and password you will need to create one. Click on the link below. From the grant portal home page, click Create New Account
  2. You will be directed to the application dashboard and hit Apply
  3. To access the application, enter STUDENT in the field located in the top right corner

Note: Application has the ability to be saved as a draft. You can return to edit and submit final application at a later date.


What’s the amount of the Tyson Foods grant that Host Sites will receive?

Each nonprofit will receive $4,200 per intern.

How long is the internship?

The internship is eight consecutive weeks in length, from June 6 to July 29, 2022.

Can I adjust the dates of the internship?

No. The student internship is June 6 to July 29, 2022. The Host Site may elect to extend the internship, but will be responsible for paying the student additional wages for any work outside the designated internship program period.

Will the student intern be a contract employee/independent contractor?

No. Students will be treated as a full-time seasonal employee and subject to FICA and income tax withholdings.

If I had a Tyson Community Intern last year, can I hire the same intern again?

You may hire the same intern, provided the intern meets the eligibility requirements (undergraduate, full-time student).

What is United Way of Northwest Arkansas’s role in the Tyson Summer Community Internship Program?

United Way of NWA manages the Community Summer Jobs Program and is the face-to-face contact between Tyson Foods, students and nonprofits. Key responsibilities range from assisting nonprofits with applying, qualifying nonprofits, conducting summer education programs and activities and the evaluation process.

  About United Way of Northwest Arkansas.

United Way of NWA is a forward thinking organization working to improve the capacity of individuals and families by mobilizing the caring power of our community through collaboration with our partners.


  About Tyson Foods.

Tyson Foods is underwriting this program to help young adults realize their potential while making a difference in our community. They are partnering with the United Way of Northwest Arkansas as the lead organization responsible for administering the program. Our combined efforts will ensure that nonprofits and college applicants have a productive and meaningful experience.